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Alhamratour is a spanish travel agency based in Granada which specializes in revealing the most special tourist areas of our Andalusia heritage in Spain and the Mediterranean.

Our company philosophy is to offer a wide range of tourist destinations, which include eight countries, where tourist will always be accompanied by our guides and traveling companions. This assures a full service to our clients.

We offer destinations only to cities where we have travelled before. Therefore we are familiar with all our areas and can assure a high quality guide service from the moment our clients arrive to the time they depart.



  • Tangier (Morocco)

    Tangier (Morocco)

    Discover the magic of Morocco on a 2 days trip to Tangier on full board basis in 4stars hotel. Morocco lies just across the…

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  • Sevilla


    Discover the moorish heritage in Sevilla, visiting The Moorish Alcazar, Giralda & Gualdalquivir river Situated on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, Seville has…

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  • Córdoba


    DISCOVER Madinat Azahara, the Moorish quarter and THE GREAT MOSQUE OF CORDOBA. The universal symbol of Moorish heritage in Spain, and one of history's…

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  • Granada


    DISCOVER THE ALHAMBRA PALACE AND THE ALBAYCIN QUARTER in a 1/2 Day guided visit with indroduction to 8 centuries of Islam presence in Spain.…

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  • Artinya Apa Agensi Pariwisata Halal?

    Artinya Apa Agensi Pariwisata Halal?

    05-07 Nov 2014. Halal' adalah istilah yang disebutkan dalam Al-Qur'an yang artinya 'diizinkan, sehat dan bermanfaat, hal ini merupakan cerminan perilaku dari orang Muslim.  …

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  • Conclusions about the Halal Conference in Granada

    Conclusions about the Halal Conference in Granada

    25th September 2014.   Granada has just celebrated its first halal conference. The two day event took place on 22 and 23 September and it…

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    Now you can follow us in the most popular social networks, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.     Twitter: @alhamratour Instagram: @alhamratour Facebook: www.facebook.com/alhamratourtravelthehalalway    …

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