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Venice and the Lakes of Garda and Como 

The tour can start in Milano as a base and Venice,will be the highlight, the world’s only pedestrian city will be the jewel of the tour.

If you didn´t choose it as your honeymoon destination don´t wait your jubilation to make the visit.

The lakes of Garda the biggest of Italy and Como are so romantic places that make your trip will be memorable forever.

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Theme: Nature & Honey moon
Trip season: Spring, Summer & Fall
Trip time: 7 Nights/8Days




Florence ...my kind of town! 

In the fifteenth century, this city was the center of the renaissance and still today, the treasures of this art are invading public areas.

The ponte vecchio over the arno river is guarding the memory of the medieval city.

Your patience is needed on the crowded line to visit the Uffizi gallery which houses works of Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Giottoand and more incredible artists.

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Theme: History, Culture & Honey moon
Trip season: All year
Trip time: 5 Nights/6Days